Sample Box (Anxiety Away and Stress Be Gone - Essential Oils)

Sample Box (Anxiety Away and Stress Be Gone - Essential Oils)

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Anxiety Away and Stress Be Gone

completely natural, made with only essential oils, soy wax and botanicals.  No artificial colours.

Energising and Stimulating
Ginger - Earthy and Spicy

Calming and Soothing
Clary Sage - A sweet herbaceous aroma

Uplifting and Energising
Red Mandarin - Fresh and sweet citrus aroma

Stimulating and Concentration Boosting
Basil - Sweet smelling

Relaxing and Calming
Lavender - Fresh, floral aroma

Uplifting and Invigorating
Bergamot - sweet and refreshing citrus smelling

Calming and Uplifting
Cinnamon Leaf - warm spicy exotic aroma

Detoxifying and Purifying
Grapefruit - sweet citrusy aroma


BEFORE USING, PLEASE RESEARCH EACH ESSENTIAL OIL TO ENSURE THAT ITS NATURAL SIDE EFFECTS WILL NOT AFFECT ANY HEALTH CONDITIONS THAT YOU MAY HAVE (ie it is said that Clary Sage can induce labour and so should not be used by pregnant woman before they are full-term).